Series by Sarah Stuart Robbins (Mrs. S. S. Robbins)

Win and Wear

  1. Win and Wear (1863)
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  2. Tony Starr's Legacy; or, Trust in a Covenant-Keeping God (1863)
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  3. Faithful and True; or, The Evans Family (1864)
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  4. Ned's Motto; or, Little by Little (1864?)
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  5. My New Home; A Woman's Diary (1865)
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  6. Turning a New Leaf; or, The Story of Charles Terry (1866)
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Most of Robbins's books appear to have been published anonymously, as by "The Author of 'Win and Wear'"

Green Mountain

  1. Girding on the Armor (1868?)
  2. Robert Linton, and What Life Taught Him (1868)
  3. Weighed in the Balance (1868)
  4. Binding the Sheaves (1867)
  5. Edged Tools (1867)
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  1. Squire Downing's Heirs (1868)
  2. Margaret Russel's School (1869)
  3. Busy Bees; or, Winter Evenings in Margaret Russel's School (18??)
  4. Grandfather's Nell; or, What Happened at the Toll-gate (1869)
  5. Conant Farm (1871)
  6. Down the Steps (1871)

Butterfly's flights

  1. Butterfly at Mount Mansfield (1869)
  2. Butterfly at Saratoga (1869)
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  3. Butterfly at Niagara (1869)
  4. Butterfly's Trip to Montreal (1869)
  5. Butterfly at the Sea-side (1869)
  6. Butterfly in Philadelphia. (1869)


  1. Who won (1873)
  2. Mabel Hazard's Thoroughfare (1874)
  3. Doors Outward (1875)
  4. Brentford Parsonage (1876)
  5. Comfort Strong (1876?)
  6. Moore's Forge (1878?)

Cary Sternick's Bibliography of 19th-Century Series Books shows these volumes were reissued in 1892 as part of the Dale and Hillside Series with four additional titles by Robbins: Faith Thurston's Work, Hester Trueworthy's Royalty, Mabel's Stepmother, Robert Graham's Promise. Series order is alphabetical by title, and the works may be unrelated.

The Gillettes

  1. Dick, the Captain of the Family Ship (1885)
  2. Nan, the Missionary (1885)
  3. Jack, Who Persevered (1886)
  4. Bert, the Enterprising Boy (1886)
  5. Babbette; or, Faithfulness (1886)
  6. Will; or, Honesty (1886)

Rock Cove

  1. Gladys Philbrick; How She Was Made Great (1889)
  2. Ben Philbrick Learning To Be Helpful (1889)
  3. Dorothy Ottley Winning by Love (1889)
  4. Dave Philbrick, the Boy with His Foot in the Stirrup (1889)
  5. Sue Downer, What Selfishness Did for Her (1890)
  6. Jerry Downer, Whose School of Courtesy Turned out Good Pupils (1890?)

Cary Sternick's Bibliography of 19th-Century Series Books with Price Guide also attributes one pseudonymous series to Robbins, though no independent verification of this pseudonym or the titles has been possible.

Aunty May's Children

  1. Rachel; or, The City without Walls (1864)
  2. Christie; or, Where the Tree Fell (1864)
  3. Faith, the Cripple; or, Songs in the Night (1864)
  4. Ernest; or, No Humbug (1864)

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