Review of the Lucy Books, from May 1843 issue of The Mother's Assistant

The Cousin Lucy Books.--The Rollo Books, with which we hope those parents who read our work are well acquainted, were written for boys, while these are written for girls. There are six in the series, the titles of which are as follows: Cousin Lucy's Conversations, Cousin Lucy's Stories, Cousin Lucy at Play, Cousin Lucy at Study, Cousin Lucy Among the Mountains, and Cousin Lucy on the Sea-Shore. The author is Rev. Jacob Abbott, a gentleman happily qualified to interest, and, at the same time, convey instruction to children.

We most earnestly recommend parents, if they wish to save their children from the poisonous influence of the deletrious trash, which is so liberally issued from the press for them in these times, to provide beforehand for them, wholesome reading. This is the only way they can be saved, for children will read something. Provide for them, then, good books, and they will early imbibe a relish for them. Such are those now under consideration. Published and for sale by B. B. Mussey, No. 29 Cornhill, Boston.

Review courtesy of Pat Pflieger. Visit her Nineteenth-Century American Children & What They Read site for a complete bibliography of Abbott's works plus etexts for a selection of Abbott's children's books.

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