A Year's Worth of Contributions to The Myrtle

January 5, 1884 (Vol. 33, No. 36) - December 27, 1884 (Vol. 34, No. 35)

During the thirty or more years she edited the Universalist Sunday-School magazine The Myrtle, Elizabeth M. Bruce wrote literally hundreds of stories and poems. In her first years as editor, she sometimes wrote serials or several pieces per issue; in her later years, she usually limited herself to one short poem and one short story per issue. Many of her creations were occasioned by the magazine's cost-cutting practice of using stock illustrations -- which meant Bruce needed to supply text to match the pictures. The easiest way was apparently to write those pieces herself, which she did.

In keeping with tradition, Bruce's contributions during her editorship appeared under her initials, E. M. B. The list below shows her output for one year, 1884: 51 poems and 47 short stories or articles.

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Myrtle Jan. 5, 1884 cover

January 5, 1884

A Happy New Year (poem)
1894 (poem)
Lost Treasures (short story)

January 12, 1884

Our Little Peace Man (poem)
Tommy's Bad Sport (short story)

January 19, 1884

Conquering Difficulties (poem)
Burnie (short story)

January 26, 1884

Looking for the Bee (poem)
Little Deeds of Kindness (short story)

February 2, 1884

Grandma and Grandpa (poem)
Bruin's Watch (short story)
The Dispute

February 16, 1884

The Young Artist (poem)
Doing Good (short story)

February 23, 1884

Nellie and Her Pets (poem)
The Dispute (short story)

March 1, 1884

She Dies for Them (poem)
The Race (short story)

March 8, 1884

Boat-Building (poem)
Growing (short story)

March 15, 1884

Katie's Trust (poem)
The Barn-Yard Convention (short story)

March 22, 1884

Primroses (poem)
Molly Eisenger's Birthday Party (short story)
Myrtle April 12, 1884 - Learning

March 29, 1884

The Quarrel (poem)
The Watcher (short story)

April 5, 1884

The Extemporized Picnic (short short)

April 12, 1884

Reasons (poem)
Learning: A True Story (short story)

April 19, 1884

The Welcome (poem)
The Friends Return (short story)

April 26, 1884

Footsteps (poem)

Volume 34

At Mother's Knee

May 3, 1884

Hero Worship (poem)
Love's Helpfulness (short short)

May 10, 1884

He careth for His Sheep (poem)
Kind Hearted Hal (short story)

May 17, 1884

At Mother's Knee (poem)
The Musical Genius (short story)

May 24, 1884

Minnie's Chariot (short story)
Cleaning Dobbin's Feet (poem)

May 31, 1884

The Young Carpenter (poem)
Preferring One Another (short story)

June 7, 1884

Need of Wisdom (poem)
The Dead Bird (short story)
Anxious Mother

June 14, 1884

The Anxious Mother (poem)
Civilizing Indians (article)

June 21, 1884

The Wisdom of Age (short story)
The Bird's Friendship (poem)

June 28, 1884

On Fourth of July (poem)
The Fourth of July Party (short story)

July 5, 1884

Cheating the Boys (poem)
The Fourth of July Ride (poem)
The Fourth of July Birthday (short story)

July 12, 1884

The Place for Thieves (poem)
The Race (short story)

July 19, 1884

The Modest Teacher (poem)
The One Friend (short story)
Little Mission Workers

July 26, 1884

The Widow's Mite (short short)
The Happy Family (poem)

August 2, 1884

Little Mission Workers (poem)
Happy Baby Nellie (short short)

August 9, 1884

God's Bounty (poem)
Summer Joys (short short)

August 16, 1884

Teaching Tip (poem)
Teaching (short story)

August 23, 1884

Teaching Morals (poem)
Judge Not (short story)

August 30, 1884

Little Bear's Disappointment (poem)
A Place for Everything (short story)
Making Friends

September 6, 1884

How Puss Was Caught (poem)
The Failure (short story)

September 13, 1884

Wee Folk (poem)

September 20, 1884

Limited Affection (poem)
Wicked Sport (short story)

September 27, 1884

Making Friends (poem)
Foolish Fright (short story)

October 4, 1884

Love and Be Happy (poem)
Selfishness and Loss (short story)

October 11, 1884

Sir Walter Scott (article)
In the Tree (poem)
The Overturn

October 18, 1884

Going to Sea (poem)
The Lesson of Patience (short story)

October 25, 1884

Caught (poem)
The Band of Mercy Boy (short story)

November 1, 1884

The Overturn (short story)

November 8, 1884

The Friends (poem)
A Boy's Decision (short story)

November 15, 1884

Touching the Hem of Christ's Garment (short short)
Sure Cure (poem)

November 22, 1884

Without Vanity (poem)
Helping Each Other (short story)

November 29, 1884

Evening Prayer (poem)

December 6, 1884

Feeding the Poor (poem)
How to Help (short story)

December 13, 1884

Down the Stair (poem)

December 20, 1884

Christmas (poem)
Christmas Joy (short story)

December 27, 1884

Bessie's Ride (poem)
Saved (short story)

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