Series by Mrs. E[lizabeth] M. Bruce

Life Stories for Children

series title page: Life Stories
  1. Little Red Cloak; or, Truth Better Than Falsehood (1863)
  2. Little Ben, the Errand Boy (1863)
  3. Aunt Eleanor's Childhood Memories (1863)
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  4. Georgy King and His Three Little Pets (1863)
  5. The Sun-Beam; A Sequel to Georgy King and His Pets. (1863)
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  6. The Palfreys; or, Generosity Rewarded by Mrs. S. C. Edgarton Mayo (1863)
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It's probable that only volumes 4 and 5 have characters in common; despite the series title page, the others were probably bundled to make a six-volume boxed set.

Happy Heart Series

  1. A Little Light (1874)
  2. Borrowing (1874)
  3. Open Doors (1874)
  4. Patient Johnny (1874)
  5. Merry Madge (1874)
  6. The May Party (1874)

Helpful Hand Series

series title page: Helpful Hand
  1. A Week of Life, vol. 1 (1880)
  2. A Week of Life, vol. 2 (1880)
  3. Robby and Nellie in Business (1880)
  4. Robby and Nellie at School (1880)
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  5. Robby and Nellie and Susie (1880)
  6. The Silver Shadow, and Other Stories (1880)

Volume 2 continues the story from volume 1, but is probably unrelated to volumes 3-5, which are a traditional series with characters in common. Volume 3 was serialized in The Myrtle before book publication. Volume 6 is a collection of unrelated short stories.

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