Series by Ella Rodman Church

Elmridge series

Hospital at Elmridge - title pg
  1. Birds and Their Ways (1883)
  2. Flyers and Crawlers (1885)
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  3. Flower talks at Elmridge (1885)
  4. Among the Trees at Elmridge (1886)
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  5. Talks by the Seashore (1886)
  6. In the Hospital at Elmridge (1887)
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  7. Sunday Evenings at Elmridge (1887)
  8. Little Neighbors at Elmridge (1887)
  9. Home Animals (1888)
  10. Some Useful Animals (1888)
  11. Dangerous Characters (1889)
  12. Water Animals (1890)

The Elmridge books are primarily informational -- a group of children talk with their governess, who instructs them about the natural world and, occasionally, other topics such as Bible stories (Sunday Evenings). The first two books appear to be part of the series but weren't publicized as such. Later volumes, like Dangerous Characters (about wild animals), were publicized as Elmridge books, even when the word "Elmridge" wasn't part of the title.

Little Pilgrim

Little Pilgrim at Aunt Lou's - Cover
  1. The Little Pilgrim (1879)
  2. Little Pilgrim at Aunt Lou's (1879)
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  3. Little Pilgrim at Housekeeping (1879)
  4. Little Pilgrim at School (1879)
  5. Little Pilgrim's Christmas (1879)
  6. Little Pilgrim and Her Friends (1879)

Series order for Little Pilgrim and Little Pilgrim Talks (below) is unknown.

Little Pilgrim Talks

  1. Little Pilgrim Talks: The Pet Hen [and] Good for Evil (1884?)
  2. Little Pilgrim Talks: Polly's Potatoes [and] A White Cat (1884?)
  3. Little Pilgrim Talks: The Terebella [and] Which of the Two (1884?)
  4. Little Pilgrim Talks: Some Valentines [and] Story of a Boat (1884?)
  5. Little Pilgrim Talks: Choosing Their Own Presents [and] Fourth of July Story (1884?)
  6. Little Pilgrim Talks: The Little Shepherdess [and] A Walk into the Country (1884?)
  7. Little Pilgrim Talks: Why a Boy Had the Croup [and] The Little Shoes (1884?)
  8. Little Pilgrim Talks: Penny's Night Out [and] Mamie and the Wolf (1884?)
  9. Little Pilgrim Talks: Helping and Hindering [and] Meddling Frank (1884?)
  10. Little Pilgrim Talks: The Prodigals (1884?)
  11. Little Pilgrim Talks: Bounce and Gem (1884?)
  12. Little Pilgrim Talks: Snowed Up (1884?)
  13. Little Pilgrim Talks: Being Generous (1884?)
  14. Little Pilgrim Talks: Lottie's Lessons (1884?)

Little Pilgrim Talks volumes appear to contain unrelated stories. WorldCat entries show 1884 copyrights, but cataloguer's note says the series was listed in the 1893 ASSU catalog. It's also listed in the Sept. 17, 1881, issue of Publishers' Weekly as a 14-volume series.

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