Series by Annie Ketchum Dunning (Nellie Grahame)

Letting Down the Bars

Scattered tp + frontis
  1. Letting down the bars (1881)
  2. Scattered (1881)
  3. In the enemy's country (1882)
  4. Through the desert (1882)
    Online at Google Books
  5. Gathered in (1882)

What To Do Series

  1. How To Do It (1883)
  2. How Not To Do It (1883)

NUC Pre-1956 Imprints identifies the second volume; Sternick shows vols. 1-2; Sternick and Allibone supplement list as a 3-volume series.

The girl who ... series

  1. Bessie Haven, or The little girl who wanted to shine (1864)
  2. Carrie Trueman, or, The girl who disobeyed her parents (1864)
  3. Hattie Winthrop, or, The little girl who could not guard her tongue (1864)
  4. Ruth Cummings, or, The girl who could not deny herself (1864)
  5. Minna Crosswell, or, The girl who was afraid of being laughed at (1864)
  6. Amy Rivers, or, The girl who did not know how to live (1865)
  7. Mary Raymond, or, The girl who wanted to be a Christian (1865)
  8. Emily Sherwood, or, The girl who had a disagreeable temper (1865)
  9. Lillian Gordon, or, The little girl who was not afraid to die. (1866)
Girl Who series cover

A companion series for boys was:

The boy who ... series

  1. Harry Edwards, or The boy who told lies (1864)
  2. Jack Myers, or, The boy who stole a penny (1864)
  3. Charlie Evans, or, The boy who could not keep his temper (1864)
  4. Tim Harrison, or, The boy who couldn't say no (1864]
  5. Bob Walker, or, The boy who couldn't get up in the morning (1865)
      Online at Google Books
  6. Dick Mason, or, The boy who trusted in himself (1865)
  7. Ned Turner, or, The boy who said, "Wait a minute!" (1865)
      Online at Google Books
  8. Mat Warner, or, The boy who wanted his own way (1867)

The only unifying element in these two series appears to be the structure of the titles.

Stories for the little ones

  1. Little home missionaries (1868)
  2. Contrast (1868]
  3. The lion's den (1868)
  4. The golden rule (1868)
      Online (illustrated html)
  5. Stray lambs (1868]
  6. The watchful eye (1868)
  7. Carrie's hard lesson (1868)
  8. Alice Townsend's garden (1868)
  9. Shining light (1868)
  10. The casket of gems (1868)

This appears to be a publisher's series (i.e., a collection of unrelated stories)

Little Annie

  1. Little Annie's first thoughts about God (1860)
        Chapters 1-2 online
  2. Little Annie's first Bible lessons (1863)

[Untitled: Theodore?]

  1. Theodore; a story about Baptism (1871)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Grace Westervelt, or, The children of the covenant. A sequel to "Theodore" (1876)
      Online at HathiTrust

Theodore was published under the pseudonym "A true Baptist"

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