Series by Virginia Wales Johnson (Cousin Virginia)

Doll's Club

Katy's Christmas - title page
  1. Katy's Christmas (1871)
      Read online or pdf at Wayne State
  2. Patty's Pranks (1871)
  3. Jack's Kite (1871)
      Online at International Children's Digital Library and Wayne State
  4. Jo's Doll (1871)

Kettle Club

  1. The Kettle Club: Christmas Tales for Children (1866)
      Full text view available at Hathi Trust
  2. The Cricket's Friends: Tales Told by the Cricket, Teapot, and Saucepan (1868)
      Online at Google Books
  3. The Kettle's Birth-day Party (1869)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Grandfather's Pocket-book (1870)
      Online at Google Books