Girls' Series by Joanna Mathews

Bessie Books

  1. Bessie at the Sea-side (1867)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Bessie in the City (1868)
      Online at Internet Archive
  3. Bessie and Her Friends (1868)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Bessie among the Mountains (1869)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Bessie at School (1869)
      Online at Google Books
  6. Bessie on Her Travels (1870)
      Online at Google Books

Some British editions of Bessie in the City are titled Maggie and Bessie, and Their Way To Do Good. (Online at Google Books.)

Related series:

Miss Ashton's Girls

  1. Fanny's Birthday Gift (1873)
      Full text available at Hathi Trust
  2. The New Scholars (1874)
  3. Rosalie's Pet (1875)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Eleanor's Visit (1875)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Mabel Walton's Experiment (1875)
  6. Elsie's Santa Claus (1876)
      Online at Google Books

Read a 19th-century review of Fanny's Birthday Gift

Sequels to the Bessie Books

  1. Maggie Bradford's Club (1889)
  2. Maggie Bradford's School-mates (1890)
  3. Bessie Bradford's Prize (1890)
      Online at Project Gutenberg
  4. Maggie Bradford's Fair (1892)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Frankie Bradford's Bear (1893)

Related titles:

Other Series:

Flowerets: A Series of Stories on the Commandments

  1. Violet's Idol (1870)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Daisy's Work: The Third Commandment (1870)
      Online at Internet Archive
  3. Rose's Temptation: The Fourth Commandment (1870)
  4. Lily's Lesson (1870)
  5. Hyacinthe and Her Brothers (1870)
  6. Pinkie and the Rabbits (1870)

Haps and Mishaps

  1. Little Friends at Glenwood (1876)
  2. The Broken Mallet [and] The Pigeon's Eggs (1876)
  3. Blackberry Jam (1877)
  4. Milly's Whims (1878)

Later ads show two additional volumes: Lilies and Thistledown -- by Julia Mathews, Joanna Mathews' sister (online as Lilies or Thistledown at Google Books) and Uncle Joe's Thanksgiving.

Kitty and Lulu

  1. Toutou and Pussy (1872)
  2. Kitty's Robins (1872)
  3. The White Rabbit
  4. Rudie's Goat (1873)
  5. Kitty's Visit to Grandmamma (1873)
  6. Kitty's Scrap-book (1873)

Little Sunbeams

  1. Belle Powers' Locket (1871)
      British edition online at Google Books as Little Sunbeams
  2. Dora's Motto (1871)
      Online at Google Books
  3. Lily Norris' Enemy (1872)
  4. Jessie's Parrot (1872)
      British edition online at Google Books with Belle Powers' Locket
      US edition online at Internet Archive
  5. Mamie's Watchword (1872)
  6. Nellie's Housekeeping (1872)
      Online at Internet Archive

Series advertised as showing how children may be "sunbeams of joy and happiness to others."

Uncle Rutherford

  1. Uncle Rutherford's Attic, a Story for Girls (1887)
  2. Uncle Rutherford's Nieces, a Story for Girls (1888)
      Online at Internet Archive
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