Series by Daniel Wise (aka Francis Forrester, Lawrence Lancewood)

My Uncle Toby's Library (by Francis Forrester)

Uncle Toby's Library
  1. Arthur Ellerslee; or, The Brave Boy (1853)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Redbrook; or, Who'll Buy My Watercresses (1853)
      Online at Google Books
  3. Minnie Brown; or, The Gentle Girl (1853)
      Online at Internet Archive
  4. Ralph Rattler; or, The Mischief-Maker (1853)
  5. Arthur's Tempation; or, The Lost Goblet (1853)
  6. Aunt Amy; or, How Minnie Brown Learned to Be a Sunbeam (1853)
      Online at Internet Archive
      also online at Project Gutenberg
  7. The Runaway; or, Pride Punished (1853)
  8. Fretful Lillia; or, The Girl Who Was Compared to a Stingnettlle (1853)
      Online at Google Books
  9. Minnie's Pic-Nic; or, A Day in the Woods (1853)
      Online at Baldwin Library, University of Florida
  10. Cousin Nelly; or, The Visitor (1853)
  11. Minnie's Playroom; or, How to Practice Calistenics (1853)
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  12. Arthur's Triumph; or Goodness Rewarded (1853)

Glen Morris Stories (by Francis Forrester)

Glen Morris series
  1. Guy Carleton; the Story of a Boy Who Belonged to the "Try Company" (1859)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Dick Duncan; the Story of a Boy Who Loved Mischief, and How He was Cured of His Evil Habit (1860)
      Online at Google Books
  3. Jessie Carlton; the Story of a Girl Who Fought with Little Impulse, the Wizard, and Conquered Him (1860)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Walter Sherwood; the Story of an Easy, Good-Natured Boy (1861)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Kate Carlton; the Story of a Proud, Vain Girl (1862)
      Online at Google Books

Lindendale Stories (by Lawrence Lancewood)

  1. Sidney de Grey; or, The Rival Schoolboys. The Story of a Boy Who Believed a Pure Character To Be the Prize of Life (1865)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Nellie Warren; or, The Lost Watch. The Story of a Girl Who Was Afraid to Confess a Fault (1866)
  3. Louis Sinclair; or, The Silver Prize Medals. The Story of a Boy Who Escaped from the Hands of a Real Enchanter (1867)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Cousin Clara; or, The Mislaid Jewels. The Story of a Girl Who by Hiding One Fault Was Led to Commit Many Other (1868)
  5. Peter Clinton: The Story of a Boy Who Learned by Experience That the Merriment of Mischievous Fun Is "As the Crackling of Thorns under a Pot," and That the Ways of "Wisdom Are Ways of Pleasantness" (1869)

Hollywood Stories (by Francis Forrester)

  1. Stephen and His Tempter; or, The Three Children at Hollywood (1872)
  2. Florence Baldwin's Picnic, and What Came of It (1872)
  3. Lionel's Courage; or, Clementine's Great Peril (1873)
  4. Florence Rewarded; or, Priscilla the Beautiful (1873)
  5. Nat and His Chum; or, The Friendly Rivals (1873)
  6. Elbert's Return; or, Foxy at Home Again (1874)

Winwood Cliff (by Daniel Wise)

Winwood Cliff
  1. Winwood Cliff; or, Oscar the Sailor's Son (1876)
  2. Ben Blinker; or, Maggie's Golden Motto, and What It Did for Her Brother (1877)
      Online at Google Books
  3. Roderick Ashcourt: A Story, Showing How a Manly Boy and a Noble Girl Bravely Battled with Great Troubles (1880)
  4. Thorncliff Hall;, or, Why Joel Milford Changed His Opinion of Boys Whom He Once Called "Goody, Goody Fellows" (1881)

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