Series by Mrs. S. B. C. Samuels

Springdale Stories

titlepg & frontis: Adele
  1. Adele; or, The Shipwrecked Girl (1870)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Eric; or, Under the Sea (1870)
      Online at Google Books
  3. Herbert; or, The Golden Rule (1870)
      Online at Internet Archive
  4. Nettie's Trial (1870)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Johnstone's Farm; or, The Burning Prairie (1870)
      Online at Google Books
  6. Ennisfellen; or, The Smuggler's Cave (1870)
      Online at Wayne State U

The books were originally issued without subtitles. Series reisued in 1886 as "The Golden Rule" stories. Individual volumes were also reissued as part of two publishers' series, Mayflower Series for Girls and Pilgrim Series for Boys. In most cases, the titles were inverted. A list of both publishers series can be found at Valerie's Living Books site.

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