Series by Adelaide F. Samuels

Dick and Daisy

t.p. -- Fighting the Battle
  1. Adrift in the World; or, Dick and Daisy's Early Days (1871)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Fighting the Battle; or, Dick and Daisy's City Life (1871)
  3. Saved from the Street; or, Dick and Daisy's Proteges (1871)
      Read online
  4. Grandfather Milly's Luck; or, Dick and Daisy's Reward (1871)

A related title is Daisy Travers; or, The Girls of Hive Hall (1876 -- online at Google Books).

Dick Travers Abroad

  1. Palm Land; or, Dick Travers in the Chagos Islands (1872)
      Online at Internet Archive
  2. The Lost Tar; or, Dick Travers in Africa (1872)
  3. On the Wave; or, Dick Travers aboard the "Happy Jack" (1872)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Little Cricket; or, Dick Travers in London (1872)


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