Series by Mrs. D. P. Sanford

Stories of Cora's Childhood

  1. Cora and Hattie (1865)
  2. Cora and the Little Ones (1865)
  3. Cora and her Cousin (1865)

Rose Dale Books

cover: Rose, Tom, and Ned
  1. Rose, Tom, and Ned (1871)
       Online as illustrated html
  2. Ida and Baby Bell (1871)
  3. Five Happy Children (1871)
      Online at Google Books

These were advertised as "Easy Reading for the Dear Little Ones"; the phrase also served as the subtitle for each book. A related title was Little Folks at Brookside: Easy Reading for the Little Ones (1899), which included the children from the Rose Dale Books as adults. (Information about Little Folks at Brookside and Stories of Cora's Childhood courtesy of Evelyn Beran.)

Cousin Ellen's Stories

  1. Willy's Cherry Tree (1872)
  2. Willy's Winter Corner (1872)
  3. Willy's New Teacher (1872)
  4. Julie and Gilbert (1872)

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