" WHAT do you say to the snow to-day ? "
"Oh, the robins and roses are coming.
For South-wind and Sun will find the old way;
And the brown bees soon be humming.

" You 've had your revel-you 've had your day!
Oh, snow, it is time for leaving!
For never 'round paths of warm, sweet May
Should the winter's ghost be grieving! "

"What do you say to the snow to-day?"
" Oh, the red in the maples is glowing,
If still in the heart of old woods you delay
The pale anemone's blowing.

" You 've held your revel-you 've had your day,
To the tune of the North-winds' humming;
But there never was June yet that lost her way,
And the robins and roses are coming ! "

--St. Nicholas, April 1877

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