Betty G - Land of Oil Betty G - MexWilds

Betty Gordon series - Alice B. Emerson (Stratemeyer Syndicate pseudonym)

Titles ghostwritten by Josephine Lawrence listed in boldface

1 Betty Gordon at Bramble Farm; or, The mystery of a nobody (1920)
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2 Betty Gordon in Washington; or, Strange adventures in a great city (1920)
3 Betty Gordon in the land of oil; or, The farm that was worth a Fortune (1920)
4 Betty Gordon at boarding school; or. The treasure of Indian Chasm (1921)

5 Betty Gordon at mountain camp; or, The mystery of Ida Bellethorne (1922)
6 Betty Gordon at Ocean Park; or, School chums on the boardwalk (1923)
7 Betty Gordon and her school chums; or, Bringing the rebels to terms (1924)
8 Betty Gordon at Rainbow Ranch; or, Cowboy Joe's secret (1925)
9 Betty Gordon in Mexican wilds; or, The secret of the mountains (1926)
10 Betty Gordon and the lost pearls; or, A mystery of the seaside (1927)
11 Betty Gordon on the campus; or, The secret of the trunk room. (Cuppies & Leon, 1928)
12 Betty Gordon and the Hale twins; or, An exciting vacation (1929)
13 Betty Gordon at mystery farm; or, Strange doings at Rocky Ridge (1930)
14 Betty Gordon on No-trail Island; or, Uncovering a queer secret (1931)
15 Betty Gordon and the mystery girl; or, The secret at Sundown Hall (1932)

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