19th-Century Series -- Chronological Listing

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DateSeriesAuthor (Pseud.)Vols.
1835-1843Rollo Abbott, Jacob 14 vol
1839-1842Jonas Abbott, Jacob 6 vol
1841-1843Tales for the Young
McIntosh, M. J (Aunt Kitty) 5 vol
1841-1842Lucy Series/Stories Abbott, Jacob 6 vol
1843-1843Marco Paul's Voyages... Abbott, Jacob 6 vol
1849-1851Helen Morton Haven, Alice Neal2 vol
1850-1853 Franconia Abbott, Jacob 10 vol
1851-1853Kitty Brown Phelps, Elizabeth (Trusta)4 vol
1851-1860Home Haven, Alice Neal8 vol
1853-1856My Uncle Toby's Library Wise, Daniel (F. Forrester)12 vol
1853-1858Rollo's Tour in Europe Abbott, Jacob 10 vol
1854-1854 Home (Henry and Mary Day) Phelps, Phoebe4 vol
1854-1860Boat Club Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1854-1863Aimwell Simonds, Walter (W. Aimwell)7 vol
1856-1856Aunty May's Children anon [Robbins, S. S.?] 3 vol
1856-1856Little Learner Abbott, Jacob 5 vol
1856-1856Little Susy Prentiss, Elizabeth (Aunt Susan)3 vol
1858-1859Cedar Grove Seymour, Mary Alice3 vol
1859-1860Rainbow and Lucky Abbott, Jacob 5 vol
1859-1860Winnie and Walter Tarbox, Increase Niles 3 vol
1859-1861 Percy Family Eddy, Daniel 5 vol
1859-1862Glen Morris Stories Wise, D. (F. Forrester)5 vol
1859-1865?Martin and NellyFranklin, Josephine12 vol
1859-1865Oakdale Stories Taylor, George 4 vol
1860-1864Florence Stories Abbott, Jacob 6 vol
1859-1860Little Frankie Baker, Harriette (M. Leslie)6 vol
1860-1860Robin Redbreast Baker, Harriette (M. Leslie)6 vol
1862-1862Riverdale Stories Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)12 vol
1862-1863Harlie Stories Abbott, Jacob6 vol
1862-1865Walter's Tour in the East Eddy, Daniel 6 vol
1862-1868Spectacles Lander, Sarah 8 vol
1863-1863Cedar Brook/Clifford Ch A. S. Moffat (Mrs. A.S.M.) 5 vol
1863-1863Life Stories for Children Bruce, E. M. 6 vol
1863-1864?Rollo & Lucy - PoetryAbbott, Jacob 3 vol
1863-1866Army and Navy Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic) 6 vol
1863-1866Win and Wear(Robbins, Mrs. S. S.) 6 vol
1863-1866Woodville Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1863-1867 Aunt Hattie's Lib - Girls Baker, Harriette (Aunt Hattie) 6 vol
1864-1864?Flora Lee Story Bks Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1864-1864?Riverdale Story Bks Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1864-1864Georgey's Menagerie [Baker, Harriette] 6 vol
1864-1864John Gay Abbott, Jacob 4 vol
1864-1864Minnie and her Pets Baker, Harriette (M. Leslie) 6 vol
1864-1867 Campaign Alger, Horatio 3 vol
1864-1867 Tiny Phelps, Elizabeth 4 vol
1864-1868?Gunboat Fosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon)6 vol
1864-1868Little Prudy Clarke, Rebecca (Sophie May) 6 vol
1865-1865Brookside Baker, Harriette (Aunt Hattie) 4 vol
1865-1865Little Conquerors (Franky) Davis, Caroline E. Kelly 4 vol
1865-1865Mary Gay Abbott, Jacob 4 vol
1865-1868Rocky Mountain Fosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon) 3 vol
1865-1868Sweet Clover May, Mrs. Carrie L. 4 vol
1865-1869Brown Family Boardman, Mary M 4 vol
1865-1869Lindendale Wise, D. (Lancewood, L) 5 vol
1866-1866Golden Ladder Mathews, J. (Alice Gray) 6 vol
1866-1867Gypsy Breyton Phelps, Elizabeth4 vol
1866-1869Young America Abroad - 1st s Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1866-1870Kettle Club Johnson, V. (Cousin Virginia) 3 vol
1867-1867 Aunt Hattie's Lib - Boys Baker, Harriette (Aunt Hattie) 6 vol
1867-1867BirthdayMcKeever, Harriet3 vol
1867-1867Little Fanny's Library (Aunt Laura) 6 vol
1867-1868Starry Flag Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic) 6 vol
1867-1868?Green Mountain(Robbins, Mrs. S. S.) 5 vol
1867-1869Little Pitcher Mrs. [Carrie L.] May 6 vol
1867-1870Bessie Mathews, Joanna6 vol
1867-1874Dare to Do Right Mathews, Julia 4 vol
1867-1905Elsie Dinsmore Finley, Martha 28 vol
1868-1868Do Good Finley, Martha 9 vol
1868-1868Little Maggie's Lib [Baker, Harriette] 6 vol
1868-1868Little Willie's Lib [Baker, Harriette] 6 vol
1868-1868 Mrs. Leslies Pearl - Boys Baker, Harriette (M. Leslie) 6 vol
1868-1868Mrs. Leslies Pearl - GirlsBaker, Harriette (M. Leslie) 6 vol
1868-1868Woodlawn (Bertie) Baker, Harriette (M. Leslie) 6 vol
1868-1869Dotty Dimple Clarke, Rebecca (Sophie May) 6 vol
1867-1869Breakwater Townsend, Virginia4 vol
1868-1870Proverb Bradley, M. E./Neely, K. 6 vol
1868-1870 Ragged Dick Alger, Horatio 6 vol
1868-1870Elm Island Kellogg, Elijah 6 vol
1868-1871Helping Hand H. Nowell (May Mannering) 6 vol
1868-1871Ledgeside (Robbins, Mrs. S. S.) 6 vol
1868-1886Little Women Alcott, Louisa May3 vol
1869-1869Butterfly's Flights(Robbins, Mrs. S. S.) 6 vol
1869-1869Little Daisy's Lib (Aunt Fanny) 6 vol
1869-1869Little Rosie Hosmer, Marg. 3 vol
1869-1869Patty Gray's Journey Dall, Caroline 4 vol
1869-1869Roly and Poly Chester, Sarah 3 vol
1869-1869William Gay Abbott, Jacob 4 vol
1869-1870May and Tom Mrs. F. B. Smith 4 vol
1869-1870Flossy Lee E. L. Hibberd (Faith Wynne) 2 vol
1869-1872 Luck And Pluck Alger, Horatio 4 vol
1870-1870By and By Field, Mrs. Frederick 3 vol
1870-1870Can and Can't [Burnham, Catharine L.] 3 vol
1870-1870Flowerets Mathews, Joanna 6 vol
1870-1870Juno Abbott, Jacob 4 vol
1870-1870Little Addie's Lib (Cousin Belle) 12 vol
1870-1870Little Books for Lit Rdr Finley, Martha 6 vol
1870-1870Springdale StoriesMrs. S. B. C. Samuels 6 vol
1870-1871Kathie Douglas, Amanda6 vol
1870-1872Charley Roberts Thurston, Louise M[illicent].4 vol
1870-1872Upward and Onward Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1870-1873Little Prudy's Flyaway Clarke, Rebecca (Sophie May) 6 vol
1870-1874Pleasant Cove Kellogg, Elijah 6 vol
1870-1906Ester Ried Alden, Isabella (Pansy) 4 vol
1871-1871Dick and Daisy Bassett, Adelaide4 vol
1871-1871Doll's Club Johnson, V. (Cousin Virginia) 4 vol
1871-1871?Gems for Youth no 1 [Baker, Harriette] 6 vol
1871-1871 Happy Home St - Boys Baker, Harriette (Aunt Hattie) 6 vol
1871-1871Happy Home St - Girls Baker, Harriette (Aunt Hattie) 6 vol
1871-1871Rose Dale Sanford, Mrs. D. P.3 vol
1871-1872? Drayton Hall Mathews, Julia 6 vol
1871-1872August Abbott, Jacob 4 vol
1871-1872Little Sunbeams Mathews, Joanna6 vol
1871-1872 Tattered Tom Alger, Horatio 4 vol
1871-1873Whispering Pine Kellogg, Elijah 6 vol
1871-1877Young America Abroad - 2nd Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1871-1903Quinnebasset Clarke, Rebecca (Sophie May) 7 vol
1872-1872Camping Out Stephens, C. A. 6 vol
1872-1872Dick Travers Abroad Bassett, Adelaide4 vol
1872-1872Gems for Youth no 2 [Baker, Harriette] 6 vol
1872-1873Kitty and Lulu Mathews, Joanna 5 vol
1872-1873Little Canary Osgood, Mary A.4 vol
1872-1874Hollywood Wise, D. (Forrester)6 vol
1872-1875Yacht Club Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic) 6 vol
1872-1891What Katy Did Woolsey, S. (Susan Coolidge) 5 vol
1873-1873Swallow Stories Chester, Sarah (Sallie)12 vol
1873-1874Sportsman's Club Fosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon) 3 vol
1873-1875 Luck And Pluck. Second Series Alger, Horatio 4 vol
1873-1876Miss Ashton's GirlsMathews, Joanna6 vol
1873-1878?Highland (Robbins, Mrs. S. S.) 6 vol
1874-1874Happy Heart Bruce, E. M. 6 vol
1874-1877 Brave And Bold Alger, Horatio 4 vol
1874-1878Forest GlenKellogg, Elijah6 vol
1874-1879 Tattered Tom. Second Series Alger, Horatio 4 vol
1875-1881Great WesternAdams, W. T. (Oliver Optic) 6 vol
1875-1884Bodley Family Scudder, Horace 8 vol
1875-1895Jolly Good Times Smith, Mary P. Wells8 vol
1876-1877Frank Nelson Fosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon) 3 vol
1876-1878Haps and Mishaps Mathews, Joanna4 vol
1876-1880Long Look Abbott, Edward 3 vol
1876-1881Winwood Cliff Wise, Daniel4 vol
1876-1884Flaxie Frizzle Clarke, Rebecca (Sophie May)6 vol
1876-1894Mildred Keith Finley, Martha7 vol
1876-1913Chautauqua GirlsAlden, Isabella (Pansy) 6 vol
1877-1879Boy Trapper Fosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon) 3 vol
1878-1882 Pacific Alger, Horatio 4 vol
1879-1879Little Pilgrim Church, Ella Rodman 6 vol
1879-1881Roughing ItFosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon) 3 vol
1879-1895Boy Travellers Knox, Thos 15 vol
1879-1895Yensie Walton Clark, S. R. G. 7/4 vol
1880-1880Helpful Hand Bruce, E. M. 6 vol
1880-1895Zigzag Journeys Butterworth, H 17 vol
1880-1916Five Little Peppers Lothrop (Margaret Sidney) 12 vol
1881-1886Family Flight Hale, Ev & Susan5 vol
1882-1887Boat-BuilderAdams, W. T. (Oliver Optic) 6 vol
1882-1892Knockabout ClubStephens/Ober, 9 vol
1883-1884Boy Pioneer Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1883-1886 AtlanticAlger, Horatio4 vol
1883-1891?Our Boys French, Henry 3 vol
1883-1892Three Vassar Girls Champney, Elizabeth11 vol
1885-1886Gilettes (Robbins, Mrs. S. S.) 6 vol
1885-1886Log Cabin Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1886-1886Great River Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1886-1887 Gates Twins Baker, Josephine R. 2 vol
1886-1889Little Miss Weezy Clarke, Sarah (Penn Shirley) 3 vol
1886-1889 Lighthouse Children Crowninshield, Mary 3 vol
1886-1890 ElmridgeChurch, Ella Rodman 8 vol
1887-1925BrowniesCox, Palmer 11 vol
1887-1889?Deerfoot Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1887-1889Wild Adventure Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1888?-1890Way To SuccessAlger, Horatio 4 vol
1888-1891Wyoming Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1888-1893Blue and the Gray Afloat Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)6 vol
1889-1890?Rock Cove (Robbins, Mrs. S. S.)6 vol
1889-1893Bessie Books Sequels Mathews, Joanna5 vol
1889-1893War Fosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon) 6 vol
1889-1897 Hildegarde Richards, Laura E.5 vol
1889-1898?Northwest Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1889-1898Witch WinnieChampney, Elizabeth9 vol
1891-1893All Over the World Lib [1st] Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic) 4 vol
1891-1893Wildwood Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1891-1902Young Heroes of Our NavySeawell, &c 10 vol
1892-1895Ruby and Ruthy Paull, Minnie 4 vol
1892-1907SherburneDouglas, Amanda12 vol
1893-1893River and Wilderness Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1893-1894All Over the World Lib - 2nd s Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)4 vol
1893-1894War Whoop Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1893-1898Travel-Adventure Knox & Butterworth,4 vol
1893-1898 Melody Richards, Laura3 vol
1893-1915Penelope's Experiences Wiggin, Kate 4 vol
1894-1895Don Kirk Patten, Gilbert 3 vol
1894-1899Blue and the Gray On Land Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic) 6 vol
1894-1899Bound to Succeed Stratemeyer, Edward 3 vol
1894-1900Ship and Shore Stratemeyer, Edward 3 vol
1894-1901Little Prudy's Children Clarke, Rebecca (Sophie May) 6 vol
1894-1913War of 1812 Tomlinson, Everett7 vol
1894-1894Brave and Honest Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1894-1895Forest and Prairie Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1895-1895Fighting for the Flag Norton, Charles3 vol
1895-1897All Over the World Lib - 3rd s Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic)4 vol
1895-1897Silver Gate Clarke, Sarah (Penn Shirley)3 vol
1895-1898Brain and Brawn Drysdale, Wm 4 vol
1895-1898Chilhowee Boys Morrison, Sarah4 vol
1895-1902War of the Revolution Tomlinson, Everett5 vol
1895-1910Boy Spies Otis/Chipman, 12 vol
1895-1912Phoebe Gay Brown, Helen 3 vol
1896-1897Boone and Kenton Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1896-1908Nan Hamlin, Myra5 vol
1896-1909Little Girl Douglas, Amanda 16 vol
1896-1914Little Colonel Johnston, Anne Fellows17 vol
1897-1897Bound to Win Stratemeyer, E. 12 vol
1897-1897Bright and Bold Stratemeyer, E. (A. Winfield) 4 vol
1897-1897Working Upward Stratemeyer, Edward 4 vol
1897-1897?Young Sportsman Stratemeyer, E. (Capt. R. Bonehill) 3 vol
1897-1898 Good Fortune Alger, Horatio 3 vol
1897-1900Young PuritansSmith, Mary P. Wells 4 vol
1897-1904 Margaret Richards, Laura 6 vol
1897-1905Little Puritan Robinson, Edith 8 vol
1897-1909Ward Hill Tomlinson, Everett4 vol
1897-1912Dear Little Girl Blanchard, Amy 4 vol
1898-1899Pony Express Fosdick, Charles (H. Castlemon) 3 vol
1898-1900Deer Lodge Parker, W. Gordon3 vol
1898-1900Jack Hildreth Taggart & May, 3 vol
1898-1900Sons of the Republic Brooks, Eldridge 3 vol
1898-1901Old Glory Stratemeyer, Edward 6 vol
1898-1901Lad and Lassie Blanchard, Amy 3 vol
1898-1903Young Kentuckians Dunn, Byron 5 vol
1898-1903Revolutionary Blanchard, Amy 7?vol
1898-1904Teddy (girls) Ray, Anna 6 vol
1898-1906Brenda Reed, Helen 7 vol
1898-1910Lakerim Hughes, Rupert 3 vol
1898-1910Navy Boys Chipman/Otis, 12 vol
1898-1911Frank Merriwell Standish, B (Patten)28 vol
1898-1912Minute Boys Stratemeyer/Otis,11 vol
1899-1901Hilton Barbour, Ralph 3 vol
1899-1901War Chief Ellis, Edward 3 vol
1899-1902Flag of Freedom Stratemeyer, E. (Capt. R. Bonehill) 6 vol
1899-1902Jack Hazard Trowbridge, J.T. 5/6 vol
1899-1902St. Lawrence Tomlinson, Everett3 vol
1899-1902Dames & Daughters ColonialChampney, Eliz. 4 vol
1899-1906Woodranger Browne, George 4 vol
1899-1913Jack Grinnell, George 7 vol
1899-1918Historical Stories for GirlsMadison, Lucy 7 vol
1899-1926Rover Boys Stratemeyer, E. (A. Winfield) 30 vol
1900-1900?Jack Harkaway Hemyng, B 15 vol
1900-1901Blue and Buff Tomlinson, Everett3 vol
1900-1901Rockspur Athletic Patten, Gilbert 3 vol
1900-1901Young Eagles Patton, Harris 3 vol
1900-1902 Boy Donald Clarke, Sarah (Penn Shirley) 3 vol
1900-1902Camp and Canoe Rathborne, St. G 4 vol
1900-1902Mexican War Stratemeyer, E. (Capt. R. Bonehill) 3 vol
1900-1904Marjorie Paull, Mrs. Geo. 3 vol
1900-1906Soldiers of Fortune Stratemeyer, Edward 4 vol
1900-1907Randy (girl) Brooks, Amy 8 vol
1900-1911Bob Knight Smith, Charlotte 4 vol
1900-1963Oz Baum, L. F., & others  

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